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Friday, March 28, 2008

Where are the good parodies?

Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Space Balls, The Naked Gun, Life of Brian...MEL BROOKS and MONTY FREAKING PYTHON!!!! What happened to decent film parody? Where there was well developed story, characters and jokes that require impeccable timing and WRITING?

I know this may seem a little out of context to other things I write about but this requires some thought.

Today I saw a preview for a, well I guess you could call it a "movie" that is coming out called "Meet the Spartans"...are you kidding me?
The brilliantly written tag line read, "From the people who brought you Date Movie and Epic Movie..."
They might as well have put, "From the people who shit in a bag to find out how many people will buy tickets to see this" on the poster and I could stand outside the theatre and get my moneys worth laughing at all of you slack jawed, popped collared, tilted hat, yuppie, frat boy dickwads who line up to go see it. Hell I'd even bring popcorn.
And what the hell are we making now? There are no jokes, there is no real parody, all they do is take scenes from popular movies send them through a shredder and then tape what's left over and film a BAD movie! The jokes are hackney and forced and you have no respect for anyone involved. I'm not saying parody is the mother of all movies, that's not the case at all it's just that there was a day when the genre was actually funny and well made but now....I weep when I hear about the next parody movie that is coming out.
The funny thing is some of you people out there are saying "Man, I thought that looked funny and Epic Movie was hilarious!"
And if you are saying that then I want you to do me a favor...Go into the kitchen, open up the cupboard under the sink, pull out the drano and take a long hard swig because it's YOUR fault this shit is being made in the first place. Every time you buy a ticket or god forbid rent the video you are telling the makers of the film that people actually want this kind of crap...same goes for bad superhero movies coming out (I liked Batman Begins and 2 of the three Spiderman movies but ever since they announced Ghost Rider 2 I have given up all hope for the theatre).

Look I know we are in a writers strike but come on...Meet the Spartans....Really? That's the best we can do?

I challenge anyone out there to make a better movie. Hell give me a home video camera, some editing equipment and a month and I swear to the almighty that I could make a 10 minute comedy that would flatten all two hours of Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet The Spartans and fucking star wars 3 (a parody in and of itself)'s balls! Hell you or my 2 year old nephew could make a better movie.

So please...I am acually begging you...please don't support this crap and if you really want to see it? It will be out on cable REALLY soon...TRUST ME.




Kevin Keele said...

You can still find good parodies, but certainly not at the movie theater. Simpsons used to do good parodies, but that show sucks now. Family Guy constantly makes pop culture references but the jokes are the references themselves. Do you watch South Park? They do some of the best parodies around. Watch Stanley's Cup for a great parody on just about any inspirational sports movie, or watch Asspen which parodies Better Off Dead and all the 80's ski movies. Good parodies are out there, but you're right about them being in short supply.

Neil Hiatt said...

Yeah, there is always great television parodies but when it comes to the theatre almost non existent. I think the last well made parody was Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the dead but even those come few and far between.