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Friday, March 28, 2008

Many Choices, Many Pains...

..It seems that the when the you take a good look at the people around you in life you need to ask yourself some questions.

1.Who are these people?

2.Do you care about them?

3.Do they make you want to be a better person?

4. Do they care about you?

5.Can you be honest with them?

6. Can they be honest with you?

7.When you come to a crossroads in your life do they pull up anchor for their own selfish needs or help you....and vice versa?

8.Would you sacrifice your happiness for their greater good?

9.Would they?

I have recently had to ask myself some of these questions about the company I was keeping and to my standards, the company, has been found wanting....and in some cases so have I. But when one door closes another one opens. I hope that I will be a better judge of character in the future and strive to be a more understanding person myself, but to take a quote from a favorite movie of mine, "Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up." Those words have never been more true than they are right now.

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