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Monday, July 5, 2010

Things In My Life I Hope I NEVER Say...

Neil Hiatt's List Of Phrases He Hopes Will Never Be Said By Him:

1. Wow, Twilight was an awesome movie! Hey guys!
2. I really enjoyed reading Twilight! Congratulations on finding the hidden message in my blog!
3. I'm team Jacob & team Edward! I wanted to tell you all how much I dislike Glenn Beck.
4. I'd love to join your multi-level-marketing team! I know a lot of you like him and that's okay.
5. I can't wait for the Republican National Convention this year or the Democratic National Convention for that matter. But I find his views to be unfounded, divisive, and fear mongering.
6. The way Stephanie Myer writes is just so poignant and in no way loathsome.
7. I love reality TV! Plus, he seems to flip flop on issues based on who is paying him.
8. LOL! Once again, it's okay for you to like him, just like it is okay for me to dislike him.
9. Every time I watch American Idol I feel a sense of pride for my country. I just feel....
10. You know, after a while, I hardly even notice my colostomy bag anymore.
11. When I think of open minded and tolerant people, I think of Utah. that a lot of people here...
12. Twilight is in no way misogynistic. Also, the main characters have a healthy man dominates female relationship. in Utah like him because he is Mormon and that just isn't enough for me.
13. That Arizona sure does have the right idea. Just MY opinion and if it offends you I'm sorry.
14. I've got tickets to Hannah Montana and YOU are invited! But not too sorry.
15. Who wants to go see a spoof movie? Thanks for reading, love you all, Neil Hiatt.
All in good fun no harm intended!

Good Night,

Neil Hiatt

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