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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Payson Poof

I want to talk to you about a strange phenomenon I have noticed while living in Utah.

If you have ever taken a drive southward from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas you might notice a cultural change...especially in hairstyles!

For example, let's say you were in Salt Lake City. This might be the typical hairstyle you would see there...
Salt Lake

Notice how the hair is neatly cut and styled. Not at all poofy and contains very little hair spray.

Now, here is a Provo Hairstyle.

Okay, the hair is a little bigger and has a some more hairspray. Also, the hair seems a tad-bit self-righteous...

Here is a Spanish Fork hair style
Spanish Fork

Big difference here. Notice how the height has increased exponentially as well as the amount of hairspray and angst.

Now onto the Payson example

WOW, the height of the hair has reached epic proportions, and hairspray levels can now be picked up on most Geiger counters.

Finally, Nephi

Oh my God! Run! Run for your lives! It has become self aware and is feeding!

So, as you can tell, there is a pattern here: The farther south you go in Utah, the higher the hair poof gets and the more hairspray is applied.

And, it follows a Bell curve. As you approach Nevada the hair begins to descend again as shown on this graph...

For Example, here is a photograph of a hairstyle in Las Vegas, c/o Ryan Reason Photography
Las Vegas

Notice how the hair has rested back into a regular size with less hairspray. Also, you should notice that this hair is a naughty girl.

So in conclusion, much like Stonehenge, the statues at Easter Island, and Bigfoot the "Payson Poof" is one of those wonders of the world that neither science or logic will ever figure out.


britums said...

bwahaha, fabulous! I'm sure Ryan would appreciate the photo credit as well :)

Neil Hiatt said...

HE is so freaking talented! I love his photos

Reggie said...

Neil, fantastic! I completely agree with you. We actually call it the Utah Poof, or the claw. There is a group on Facebook actually. It's scary stuff.

Neil Hiatt said...

Ha, that is awesome! I would love to see that Facebook group.