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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Archibald Duke Fluffington the III

Ahem...Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the world's greatest puppy!

Archibald Duke Fluffington the III ("Archie" for short...or "Arch"...or "A-hole").

Archie is a two month old, female, Half Shih-Tzu half Lhasa-Apso mix, a Shit-so, if you please. She has soft black and white fur, doesn't shed, is litter box trained, is WAY cooler than Fonzie, and just happens to be ADORABLE!!!!

Now I know what you're thinking...why does a female dog have a male name?
The answer is simple, she is my dog and I will call her whatever the hell I want ;-)
That's right, the Bitch is mine...and Erin's!

Anyways, I took her to her first check up today and she is doing just fine! After two more vaccinations she will be allowed to go for walks outside and interact with other dogs! HOORAY!
So, just as a note if you come over and see Archie be sure to sanitize your hands first...we don't want this one dead of Parvo anytime ever!


The Wies Family said...

Oh, she is so cute! ...And I love the name, too.

Josh Keele said...

Greatest name ever all thought she looks nothing like my drawing I did for you. She is way cute.