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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Make Facebook More Melodramatic Than It Already Is?

The Internet is a strange beast. While it connects us together with a simple click of the mouse, it also distances us greatly from one another. You may be asking yourself, "How can it connect us together while separating us at the same time?"

The answer is simple: anonymity.

If you've ever seen a comments page on YouTube, or a Facebook wall post, you would quickly notice how social tact and a general proclivity for civility is thrown out the window. . . much like the toasters in my friend Brad Taylor's recent art piece.

Brad Taylor's "Toaster Defenestration"

Because the Internet allows us to state opinions from the comfort and safety of our homes, we tend to say things that we normally wouldn't say to a person face to face. In some cases the Internet allows us to say these things completely anonymously, and that is when all hell breaks loose.

In my opinion, arguing on Facebook is akin to shouting into the darkness and is pretty sad when you take a step back and look at the situation. It comes as no shock that the two subjects that stoke the flames the most are politics and religion. Now I am fine with conversations and civil discussions about both of these topics. But, it's the extremist political parroting, ad hominem, and useless trash talk that inevitably follows that really bothers me.


From the Right: "Obama is a Socialist."
From the Left: "Republicans are Fascists."
"Gays are abominations!", "Christians are nut-jobs!" etc., etc., etc.

So my plan is that if anyone posts extremist political or religious fluff on Facebook I will just remove him or her from my friend list. (Note: Remember, only extremists get deleted; if you are civil and just keep an open mind, I will only hide you from my wall feed.)

Let's face it, and you can quote me on this,
"Posting extremist political and religious views on Facebook is like masturbating in public. While it might feel good to the person doing it, everyone else around you is uncomfortable and annoyed!" - Neil Hiatt
See, I even quoted myself (how humble of me).

Here is a song my friend Brad Taylor wrote on the aforementioned subject...
I have to say no one has put the subject in such an eloquent manner.
(Warning: Explicit Content - Not Safe For Work)

"Facebook" By: Brad Taylor


Lib said...

Neil..i love and miss you.

Neil Hiatt said...

We love and miss you guys too! Hope Seattle is treating you well!

Miranda said...

Have you deleted me from your wall feed yet?

Neil Hiatt said...

Ha, Ha, No. I don't think you have said anything that was crazy enough for that yet.

General Mills said...

Love the song, that was hilarious.

Bradimus Prime said...

well I don't know about all that. I am a very busy man and don't really have the time to read blogs like these, but I had my assistant give me the gist of it and I must strongly disagree (because I never do anything weakly)...

I mean what's wrong with orphans flying kites in the rain? they don't have parents for god sakes they should be able to fly a kites in what every situation they want, in the rain, in the snow, at the bottom of the sea, where ever. These kids have led very challenging lives and what ever twisted act of anti-social behavior gives them a glimmer of light in their' hopelessly pointless lives is more than acceptable in my book (the Exorcist). Further more as a being capable of reproduction I would actually prefer rainy days being specifically for orphan kite flying. I don't like the thought of one of my own unwanted children sharing a park, or mountain field with a brunch of orphans. Because really, who can enjoy kite flying with that around? I mean have you ever watched an orphan fly a kite? They don't smile they don't run or laugh, they don't even look up at the kite, they just hold the sting and stand in place and look at their' shoes. I once saw one, her kite wasn't even in the air. Instead it lay on the ground a just a few feet anyway from her. Sometimes catching little gusts of wind that would lift a corner just enough to give the slightest bit of hope that it might take off and sore high above the threes, and be lifted to a place free from the horrors of this world. Free from gruel, free from scrubbing floor, free from neglect, and free from group toilets. But alas, the corner would dip and the despondent girl, standing so still it was as though her legs were as broken as her heart, string still in hand, let out the slightest sigh, barely visible to the naked eye followed by the gentle rhythm of silent sobbing. Depressing, is this special brand of kite agony something I want my little punishments from God exposed to? No, because it would be my job as a broken spirited absentee parent to protect them from real life. So in summation you are a monster everything you think is wrong, and you should get on your knees and thank me for this brief exposure to my genius.

Brad Taylor (dictated but not read)

Bradimus Prime said...