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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things I have made up that I wan't people to repeat as fact...

This is a social experiment!

To wake myself and everyone else up to the constant telephone game we play with all of the misinformation at home, at work, in schools, houses of god and on T.V. I have decided to start making things up...

that's right I will make up outrageous claims that could sound like the truth but in all reality are bold faced lies. My goal here is to spread most of these around and get enough people to agree with my story that it will eventually become fact...HOORAY!!!!

Here we go...

1. When they close down a zoo, if they can't find new homes for the animals they eat them.

2. The African Penguin has the ability to camouflage but because of it's colorblindness it doesn't do it.

3. I was born a woman named Sharon but my female parts made me sick so after the operation Neil Seemed like a good name.

4. I enjoy the company of most the people around me....

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